Moving Adventures, Part 3

Yes, there's more to our moving story! It was a big trip! Here are some more pictures to tell you all about it, and this is another upside-down post, with Jan. 3 at the bottom and Jan. 4 at the top. I think we'll have one more moving post after this and be done with the long story.

Here we are after a very fun dinner at a restaurant with some of Daddy's aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Daddy's relatives made time for a special dinner just because we were in town, and that really meant a lot to us.
Standing: Great Grandpa Don, Great Grandma, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Linda, Uncle Bill, Zackary, Aunt Connie, Daddy, and Corey.
Sitting:Kali, Karson, Kelley, Spencer, Amy, Gabi, Mommy, and me.
Standing in front: Molly.

Here I am with a bunch of kids that I'm related to! Daddy has cousins who have kids, and these are some of the kids. We're all waiting to have dinner. They wanted to color, but I just wanted to eat raisins. All the little kids were really nice to me. Their names are Karson, Kali, Spencer, and Molly. None of Mommy's cousins have kids yet, so this was a fun, new experience for me!

Here we are with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Don. We had a fun visit with them!

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Don gave me this wonderful, big John Deere tractor. I love it!

Aunt Linda has lots of toys in her basement because she's a grandma, too. Here I am riding her horse. Yipee!

Aunt Connie knows just how to make little boys happy, too! Here is the firetruck she gave me. I didn't want to let it go, ever! (This is the same one that "probably needs batteries" in my famous video.)

We stayed at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Linda's house. Aunt Linda knows just how to make little boys happy. She has some toys from when Daddy's cousin, Scott, was a little boy. She let me play with them!

Here I am playing out in the cold with their dog, Mitzi.

Our first day of driving was really long! Since we were in a hurry to move, we didn't get to stay at Uncle Denny and Aunt Shari's house like we have before, so they met us at a restaurant for a quick bite to eat. We were thankful that they had time to see us! (Aunt Shari visits my blog every day. Hi, Aunt Shari!)

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