A Happier Day

I'm still not doing very well today. My eyes are drooping. My nose is dripping. My mouth is sneezing. And when it's time to go up or down the stairs, I just cry because I'm too tired to do it myself. So, I don't want to look at a picture of today. Let's look at a picture of a happier day:

Here I am with Mommy reading my Things That Go book from Aunt Amanda. (Aunt Amanda has a special gift for great books, since she also gave me my Big Dig book.) I still love reading with anyone who will read to me, so reading makes it a happy day!


Ava said...

I am sad that you are sick!
I hope you and your Mommy feel better soon!

The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,
No new posts in a couple of days? I hope you are not still sick! We're thinking about you and hoping you get better soon!
Love, Ella