New Blog Buddy

I have a new blog buddy for you to meet! Her name is Ella, and her blog is over to the right. She's not a brand-new baby, but she is new to blogging. Like six of my other blog buddies, she is expecting a new sibling this summer. I hope you enjoy her stories!


Jamey and Norah said...


Please tell your mommy we hope she is feeling better.

I was wondering...if my Mommy were to get sick, do you think my grandma would come over? Cause I'm willing to share my cold with Mommy if it will get a grandma to town. Let me know what you think.

Love, Jamey

Colleen said...

Hello Amy,

I am so glad to have gotten in touch with you guys through the Lambert's. We have a new computer and all our email stuff didn't transfer, so I am having to recreate. Which is quite hard. Anyway, sorry you are down but Jonathan sounds pretty good. We have enjoyed the snow and wished there was more to play in. Hope your Saturday is a good one. Kim and the Rest of the Kretzers