Pajama Day

As you can see on Ava, Emma Claire, and Jamey's blogs, they and my other friends in my old town are stuck inside today because of the pretty snow. Unfortunately, we don't have snow, but we do have a great reason to stay inside: Mommy is sick.

The great thing about Mommy being sick is that I got to wear my truck pajamas all day long. And, usually, when I tell Mommy, "Watch Mater Lighting 'Queen," she says, "No, not now." But today, she suggested it. That made me pretty happy.

Our day was good except for my nap. I started crying with a broken heart at the end of my nap because I had unstitched Boz's mouth. It was terrible. Luckily, my mom can sew, and she fixed Boz's mouth.

Another great thing about Mommy being sick is that Grandma came by to bring us dinner and some groceries. It was a great surprise!

When Daddy came home, he put some play clothes on me, and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside and working in the yard. All in all, it's been a great day!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Amy,
So sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you feel better soon. I'm glad Jonathan still had a happy day. Let me know if you need anything! While you are stuck inside you should check out our new Blog:
Thanks for your help in getting it going! See you in a week. Jen VM