My New Playgroup

Today, Mommy and I went to our new playgroup. We're so thankful that our neighbor, Ms. Amy, has been so welcoming and has introduced us to her friends and all their kids. Here we are posing for a picture at Ms. Jetta's house: Helia, Kirsi, Ella, Annelies, me, and Jared. Of course I had to stick out my tongue for the picture. If you look on Ella's blog today, she explains who was missing in this picture. We hope to see our missing buddies soon!

Ms. Jen is reading a book to some of us.

And here are most of us having lunch. Somehow, I always have a fussy and picky day on playgroup day, so I missed out on some of the yummy food.

Here is the big blue Ford tractor that lives at Ms. Jetta and Mr. Phil's house.

The girls were better at driving than the boys were!

Thanks to Mr. Phil for sharing his tractor with all of us.

Here are today's moms and kids together. Thanks for a fun playgroup, everyone!

(And, by the way, Graham had playgroup today, too...check his blog and take a peek!)

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