New Buddies in New Playroom

My two new buddies, Jared and Ella, came over to play today. Mommy has enough boxes in the playroom cleared out that we can actually play in there now. We pulled all the toys out and had a great time! But, Jared and Ella thought that the stairs were a better toy than anything in the playroom. Thanks for coming to play, little buddies!

Having my new buddies over today made me really excited to see one of my old buddies, Jamey. I haven't seen Jamey since before we moved, and during our time apart, Jamey has gotten really interested in tractors. I knew I liked him!!! He's also had a lot of cold, yucky weather at his house lately, so, on Sunday, I'll share my tractors and my yard. Come soon, Jamey! I can't wait until Sunday!


The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for having me over to play today. I loved your house, your stairs, your toys, your cheese...Mom and I had a great time and look forward to doing it again soon!

Love, Ella

Ava said...

Hi Jonathan,


Mommy let me type my own comment---she translated it below...

Dear Friend,

Your playroom looks very cool! It looks like you have made some special friends already!

I hope you have fun with Jamey. He is coming with lots of love and hugs from the gang back home!