Bigger Than I Thought

My mom and dad thought that I'd be able to use my car seat until I hit the 40 lb. mark, which is just a few pounds away. They were wrong! I'm too tall for my car seat. My shoulders are too tall for the straps, and my head is too high to be protected above the seat. Oops! So, they're looking for a booster seat for me. For those of you without little kids, that's a seat that helps the car's grownup seatbelt work better on a little body.

Do any of the little buddies out there who are just a little bit older have ideas about good booster seats? You can leave a comment here or email my mom. My mom and dad are looking for suggestions at a good price. I'll let you know what we decide!

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Caleb said...

My mommy says that Mrs. Tiffany Brison has some very strong opinions about booster seats. If your mommmy needs her contact info have give my mommy a call. They were in a roll over car accident and Melanie was okay because of the special type of booster seat that she was in.

Miss you!

ps - Have I told you how cool your glasses are?