Happy Birthday, Ella!

Today, we had a very special playgroup at Ella's house for her 2nd birthday. Ms. Jen had lots of fun things planned for us to do! First, I got to play with Ella's new cars from the Cars movie. She had all the characters! Then, we went outside and made ladybugs. That's what we're doing in this picture. Ms. Jen inspires Mommy to be more creative with my art projects. Then we played with sidewalk chalk. After that, we sang the birthday song and ate cupcakes with ladybugs on them. I really enjoyed mine after Ms. Jen gave me a fork-it helped me avoid the sticky frosting on my fingers. I also had a great time playing in Ella's sandbox. There were so many fun pictures of our time together, but I'm only including one this time. You can see more adventures on Ella's blog. Happy Birthday, Ella! Thanks for including us in your special day!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for helping make my birthday so special! Tell your mom she is an excellent photographer!

Love, Ella