My Room

I realized that I hadn't shown you the parts of my big boy room yet. Here they are!

Here is my big boy bed with my vehicle sheets. I'm the fourth kid to sleep in it, and I haven't ever fallen out. As you can see, Lightning McQueen likes to drive on it, and Boz and the bunny like to stay here all the time. At my request, Boz is wearing plastic pants, just like me.

Here is the wall straight across from my door. You can see all the pictures of my little buddies there above my toybox. Grandpa made my shelves and gave me some of the vehicles up there. My name puzzle is from Grandma. The window helps me see the garbage truck when it's on my street.

This is the wall on the left as you walk in. Mommy brought my name from my room at our old house and hung it here. This window has my airplanes on it from Caleb, my picture from Nathan, my cross from Graham, and my tractor from Lou & Lionel.

This is the wall that also had my door on it. This is my changing table. Mommy says I won't always need it, but I sure don't plan on quitting wearing diapers anytime soon.

This wall is to the right when you walk in. The little pictures are from our neighbors in our old neighborhood, and the big tractor picture is from Great Grandma. I got to put up my playhouse when Mommy packed my crib away. I never thought I'd want to give up my crib, but I'm sure glad I did!

And, a last little surprise, my fan with airplanes on it, near the ceiling that used to be pink. Thanks to all my family and friends for giving me such a great room for a big boy!

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