A Long Post About Saturday's Adventures

On Saturday, we had a big day worth telling about, even though it was a couple of days ago. Mommy and Daddy and I took a trip so that Mommy and Ms. Sarah could help at a fund raiser. The camp where they worked together more than ten years ago is turning 40, so lots of people are trying to fix it up.

While Mommy and Ms. Sarah spent time chatting and helping, Daddy and I went hiking. We had a great day!

Here is what it looked like where we hiked.

I even got to do some hiking of my own outside of the backpack.

Mommy said that I must have had a good time because I got really dirty.

Isn't it beautiful out here?

After hiking, our whole family met up back at Ms. Sarah's house, which meant we got to see her family. That includes my big buddy Paul and his daddy, Mr. Todd. Paul is a fun playmate and was very kind about sharing his toys with me. He gave a great tour of his house, too. This was our first time at Paul's house, even though we met when I was a baby. Like most of my buddies' mommies, Paul's mommy is going to welcome a new baby to the family this summer. So, be on the lookout for lots of little buddies soon!

Here, we're playing with Paul's trains.

And here we are playing in Paul's play kitchen that his grandparents made for him. It's the neatest one I've ever seen!

After lots of playing, we ate a yummy pizza dinner together and said goodbye to Paul and his parents. We said goodbye after my bedtime and still had a couple of hours to drive home, so I was up really late. It was all worth it. We're so thankful to live near enough to Paul to visit! Thanks for the fun, everybody!

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