Goodye, See You Soon!

Today, we had to say goodbye to Uncle Jake & Aunt Laura. We had time to eat and play and watch a little Lightning McQueen this morning before they had to drive home.

Thanks for coming to see us, Uncle Jake & Aunt Laura! We're so happy we get to see you next month!

We also got to go to church today. I really love going to church. I get to be in church with the grownups before I leave to play with the kids. Daddy played guitar in church today. I kept commenting when a song was over, and for some reason, Mommy kept "shhh-ing" me. After church, we got to eat yummy snacks. Here I am enjoying yummy snacks with the other kids. We have our own little table, and the grownups get big tables.

Strawberries and cake are so yummy!

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