Glasses, Part 3

Yesterday, I got my glasses. When Mommy and I got to the glasses place, Uncle Todd was there. He knows all about wearing glasses, so he decided to help me learn how to do it.

This is the case they gave me to hold my new glasses. It pops open when you push the button.

My glasses made me so cool, just like Uncle Todd, that I had to give him "KNUCKLES!" just like Uncle Jake and Aunt Laura taught me to.

My glasses helped me read car magazines with Uncle Todd while Mommy paid for the glasses.

My glasses helped me see my shoes and the floor better. As you can see by the shoes in the background, Daddy came to see my new glasses, too.

After we left the office, I had to run around and see my new world.

I wanted to stand here and watch the cars go by, but Mommy and Daddy said it was time to go. We had to stop by and show my glasses to everyone we could think of on the way home yesterday.

Today, Great Grandma came over and brought me some treasures like this new book. She has glasses, too. We decided to read on our new couch.

And here I am with my new "friends" that she gave to me. Miss Jenny, this part is for you, because I know you wanted to see our new furniture. I call this my couch, even though Mommy and Daddy call it a chair and a half.

Thanks to everyone who has been asking how I've been doing with my new glasses. I'm doing a good job wearing them all day except at naptime. I have asked Mommy to take them off a few times, but she always reminds me that I need to wear them so that I can see better. I got a little scared today because I was crying and couldn't reach my eyes to wipe them, but I learned that it's OK to take your glasses off to wipe your eyes.

I'm going back to the ophthalmologist in three months to make sure my prescription on my glasses is accurate enough. Isaac's grandpa is an optometrist, and he helped us find a new ophthalmologist who actually likes little kids, unlike the one we went to last week who was supposed to like kids but really didn't after all. Mommy and Daddy are hoping I'll forget that experience by August. I'll do the best I can!


Ava said...


What an exciting adventure for you!
You look very, very handsome in glasses! Your big comfy couch looks like lots of fun too!


Kami Rice said...

I just have to say that that last paragraph made me chuckle. :-)

Glad you're getting used to your glasses, Jonathan! I went to the eye doctor yesterday, so I'll be getting new glasses soon, too!