I mentioned that Graham and his family did lots of things to make our visit fun and special. Here are some more of our special times together.

We went out for a special pizza dinner one night. We got to run around downtown while we waited for our table. Mommy took this picture, and Wesley was hanging out in his stroller.

Timmo made some yummy waffles for our breakfast.

Here I am with Graham getting the day started. It sure was fun to have a little buddy to share all the normal parts of my day.

Mommy took a lot of pictures of Wesley. He sure is cute!

Here is Graham helping Wesley with his pacifier. It must be nice to have a brother!

Here are Graham and I watching a few minutes of my Cars movie. It didn't happen very often that we were both sittting still at the same time, so Mommy took a picture every time it happened.

We both have toes...

and Mommy thinks mine are still pretty sweet, even though they're not baby toes anymore.

Graham has a big wagon, and we took a few rides in it.

Little buddies know how to ride!

Our last big outing was to a train store with not just one, but several train tables just for us. Thanks, Jo Jo, for making our time so fun!

Here's the only picture of Mommy with her dear friend, Jo. (I heard some comments about the three boys keeping the mommies very busy.) Mommy meant to help Jo with Graham and Wesley, but really ended up soaking in lots of time talking to Jo. Mommy had a really hard time leaving when it was time to go!

After we said our tearful goodbyes, it was time to get on the plane. I got to sit in the cockpit with the pilots for the first time. It was a special ending to a truly amazing trip. We are so thankful we got to go!

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