Meeting Wesley

Mommy and I are back from our trip to the South, and it's time to post pictures! We went to visit our good friends, Mr. Tim and Ms. Jo (now named "Timmo and Jo Jo") and play with Graham and meet Wesley. Ms. Jo came to meet me when I was born, and then I came to meet Graham when he was born, so it was time to come meet Wesley.

First, we took two airplane trips, and if you're wondering, I'll tell you that I behaved like a champ on the trip (although I couldn't fall asleep.)

The first airport had a play area...

and so did the second airport.

Mommy and I had a special sit-down dinner together in the airport, and I got to play with one of my airplane surprises, as you can see here. (These trucks are going to the store.)

When we finally finished traveling, we got to see our friends. Here are the boys and their mommy.

Graham still has lots of fun toys, including this slide that he shared with me. We did pretty well sharing with each other, considering we're both two.

We all fit together in Timmo's Maxima. I am learning to recognize Nissans on sight.

Here we are at a fun park, where there were kids who understood this very important task even before we got there: putting rocks on the slide.

I really liked Wesley, and he really liked milk.

Here's Graham with his mommy.

Here are Mommy and I with baby Wesley.

Graham really liked to give me hugs, which were a lot like tackles. He's a little bit more "rough-and-tumble" than I am.

Our wonderful friends showed us a great time. More pictures to come...

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The Growing VM Family said...

Welcome home, Jonathan!

I'm so happy to hear your trip and plane ride went well. I am on a new kick where I have to pray for YOU every time I pray. Glad to hear God is listening!

Love, Ella