A Great Game

Here's a great game for all of you little buddies out there to try:

Take all the stuffed animals you own and pile them on top of your mom. Then, climb on top. It's a great game!


Bo, Shae and Brinson said...

Hi Jonathan and Amy...Brinson and I spent some time getting caught up on how things are going with our online pals. Brinson even tried to say Jonathan...although it came out "Joh un" We will certainly try your new game! At this point, Brinson just likes to go to bed with 2 stuffed animals and pretend mealtime with them! We are glad you have a new kid friendly eye doctor...one with some patience! We are so sorry you had to have that experience. We are so glad you and your family are happy and healthy! Brinson and Mommy (Shae)

Ginger said...

Cutest pic ever!!!! Jonathan, you are a cutie, but your mom stole the thunder here...she looks beautiful. :) Then again, she is my sister!!