I have two birthday parties to go to this weekend. The first one, today, is for two little girls from church. They are having a princess party, and the guests are supposed to dress as princesses and princes. I have to say that, until yesterday, I don't think anyone has ever talked about princesses (or princes, either) in my house. I still don't really get it. But, Mommy wants me to be prepared for the party, so she made me a crown. What do you think? This is about as princely as I get. (And, do you like my cymbals?)

The second party is on Saturday for two more little girls from church. It's at a big park. I have a little more experience with that kind of party! I'll let you know how the parties go.

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The Growing VM Family said...

You are probably already at the party, but I have TONS of princess stuff you could have borrowed! Let me know for the next one! :)

Love, Ella