Saturday's Birthday Party

Here are the pictures of my second birthday party of this weekend, the one for Emma and Megan. I know them from church, and they both are turning two. Their party started out at a park, but because the park wasn't going to be open, we relocated to the zoo. Nobody minded!

Here's everyone getting ready to sing and have cupcakes.

The girls in pink T-shirts and jeans skirts are Emma and Megan.

After finishing my cupcake, I told Mommy I was ready for another birthday. I'm not scared of getting frosting on myself anymore now that I've had some practice with my cupcake-eating technique.

Time for gifts!

Here we are at the zoo. This is my mom's favorite picture from the whole day.

Here I am being a monkey.

Mr. Rick helped me join the other kids on the turtle.

Thanks for inviting me to your party, Emma and Megan!

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