Now I Know About Princesses

Tonight, I went to Kali, Karli, Kaili, and Kaci's house. (I know them from church.) They are 4, 3, 2, and 1, and I was invited to celebrate Kaili and Kaci's birthdays. I wore my prince crown like I had planned, and I had a fantastic time, as you can see in these pictures. You might get the impression that there were lots more girls than boys at this party, and you'd be right. That didn't bother me, though! I don't mind a few sparkles and hearts. And, I mostly had the castle/ball pit to myself.

Life is different in a house with four little girls compared to my house with one little boy. One of the major differences is that at the girls' house, there are princessy things everywhere. I guess I should have asked Ella, Emma Claire, or Ava about these things already, but I hadn't thought of it until now. I don't think I'd want to live at a house with four girls instead of one boy, but it sure was fun to visit! Thanks for inviting me, Kali, Karli, Kaili, and Kaci!

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