Seeing Other Friends and Family

During our week-long trip to see Graham and his family, we spent most of the daytime hours on the weekend seeing other family and friends.

One of the things Graham's parents did to make our time special was to have Ms. Katie and Mr. Perry over for dinner on Friday night. Before there were any kids around, they had lots of adventures with Mommy and Daddy and Graham's parents. (I think adventures are much more fun with us kids around.)

Here I am goofing around with Mr. Perry...

and Ms. Katie.

Another thing that Graham's parents did for us was to lend us their Xterra so that we could drive around and see our old friends. Since Mommy and Daddy lived here for a long time, there are a lot of friends to see! I sure loved driving that Xterra. Now I can recognize one on the road.

On Saturday morning, we went over to Ms. Sally's house for a visit. Ms. Sally was Mommy's teaching partner, and she's also a grandma, so she knew just what to do with me. Ms. Sally treats Mommy like she's a real daughter. We hadn't seen Ms. Sally since I was five months old.

We had a great visit with Ms. Sally!

Next, we went to Aunt Michelle's house. I just love her kitty! Aunt Michelle took us out for barbecue for lunch. (And for those of you in our new area who don't know about this, barbecue in the South is not what you do to meat when you cook outside, but it's a special kind of food.) Mommy said that she was happy to have her fill of sweet tea. We had a fun lunch together.

Here are Aunt Michelle and I admiring each other.

On Sunday, Mommy and I went to church where she and Daddy went to church while they were dating and for the early years of their marriage until they moved away. Mommy was happily surprised by how many old friends we ran into and talked to. I went to the 2-year-old Sunday school class and learned all about God keeping Noah and the animals safe on the ark. Afterwards, we visited with Jimmy and Ms. Jeanie. In this picture, Jimmy and I are comparing the size of our hands. We had fun playing outside.

Here I am with Ms. Jeanie. She and her family are special to our family.

Next, we had a very, very quick visit with Carey Mae and Anabelle before Anabelle's 6th birthday party. (There's another birthday guest in the background.) Anabelle had a My Little Pony tea party.

Here I am with my buddy, Anabelle.

After my nap, Mommy and I got to see Ms. Lori and Ms. Carly who were teacher friends of Mommy's. They had lots of adventures (and misadventures) together while Mommy was a teacher. Ms. Carly has a baby Wesley's age, as you can see here. Her name is Addison.

We all got to eat dinner together (except for Addison,) and I had a great time playing with the salt and pepper shakers. All the ladies had a lot to talk about. We didn't eat at the Chick-fil-A in this picture but at Jason's Deli, a great restaurant for kids.

I decided it was Ms. Carly's job to help me jump.

Ms. Lori suggested we go to a park next. It's a good thing Mommy has so many friends who are also teachers, because they know just how to keep me happy.

In between some visits, Mommy and I had a lunch date at a restaurant where she and Daddy used to go all the time. I love it, too. A lady stopped at our table and told Mommy that she had the cutest little lunchdate - me! Mommy got her fill of fruit tea at this restaurant. Something tells me that tea is different in the South, because Mommy doesn't drink it much at home.

Last but not least, Mommy and I visited Ms. Tricia, who was not exactly a teacher but was a counselor and friend at the middle school where Mommy taught, and she has been Mommy's Creative Memories upline for more than four years.

Ms. Tricia has two little girls, Mary Evelyn (who is ten months older than me) and Molly. Mary Evelyn looks like a pretty little Southern girl, complete with the matching hair bow. I had a great time with the girls and their toys.

We are so thankful to have so many good friends to visit, and thankful to Graham's family for sharing their vehicle with us!

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