All About Thanksgiving

Here it is! The story of our Thanksgiving... Click on any photo to see it full-sized. (Note: actually, you can't do that right now. There's a bug in the program that will hopefully be fixed by Blogger soon!)

My mouse ears helped me get ready to go.

We love to read!

Here I am with Grandma getting ready for a walk wearing my "new" coat.

Go Huskers!

I loved sharing vehicles with Aunt Michelle's cat, Eddie Mac.

Grandpa gave me some jigsaw puzzles for my birthday. Here we are working one of them.

I had to wear this hat so that Grandma could read to me.

I got everyone to watch my Cars movie!

Here are Aunt Michelle and I reading to Eddie Mac.

One night, we got to go out for barbecue. Out there, barbecue is not something you do, it's food you eat. We loved hearing live music, something we don't get to do as much in our new home but is really common where Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jamie live. This little girl was singing and playing with her dad.

We got to go back to our old church where Mommy and Daddy went before I was born. Here I am in "2-year-old C" Sunday school driving around this racetrack with a little buddy. We learned about how Jesus is God's special gift to us.

Here's the family we came to visit: Grandpa and Grandma, and Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jamie. Click here to see our family photo two years ago.

They gave me an early birthday party! Here I am blowing out my candles.

Thanks for the party!

Here I am loving Eddie Mac.

We brought Grandma and Grandpa to this hotel to see their Christmas decorations. A note to my little buddies: see if you can get your parents to take you at night when it's even prettier.

I got to drive the stroller...

and jump down the steps! I'm mid-air in this picture.

We had pizza for lunch, and it was delicious. I don't have to explain this to those of you who know Mommy, but this isn't Coke, it's water.

I got to see my good buddy, Graham, and his whole family. Here we are driving around his coffee table/racetrack. I LOVED seeing Graham.

Here's a big hug in return for those tackles last time I saw you.

Here are Graham's daddy and Wesley. This was Daddy's first time meeting Wesley. He's grown a lot! Click here to see Daddy meeting Graham for the first time two years ago.

Mommy read Two Little Trains to Graham and me. It's a wonderful book! Graham and I have both checked it out from the library and love it. It's by the author of Goodnight, Moon and Big Red Barn. We read it twice this time.

I missed Graham's mommy and the rest of his family, too.

Conks for Timmo.

Saying goodbye to Grandma...

and Grandpa. It's always sad to say goodbye. I hope they visit me soon!

The last family-part of our visit: Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jamie were leaving on a trip at the same time we were all leaving to go home. We got to eat with them in the airport.

Thanks for the wonderful visit, everyone!

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The Aesthetic Elevator said...

Uh, yeah, go Huskers!?!

Next year will be interesting, won't it. Get much Nebraska news in CA? How are you guys?