Morning at Ms. Jetta's

On Tuesday, we spent the morning visiting Ms. Jetta and some of her girls and the babies. Anneliese and Helia were home because they're too young to be in school, just like me. And the babies, Cora and Peter, were there, too. (Thea and Kirsi were at school.) When we got there, I got to watch the girls finish playing their princess game with Ms. Jetta. Then, the mommies chatted while we played. There was equipment working in the field, and I loved watching it. We also had special snacks and loved on the kitties. These pictures are of us loving on them. I adore kitties. I even got to pick these up! It was kind of hard, but I figured it out. In the first and last picture, you can see me carrying them. And, yes, in the last picture, you can see that the kitty's head is near the ground and his tail is up in the air. These kitties are very patient. Even though I'm as gentle as I can be, still sometimes I need a patient kitty.

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