Meeting the Mouse, Part 2 (by Mommy)

After the long tour through Mickey's house, Jacob and Laura were waiting for us with a surprise for Jonathan:

Mouse ears! Here he is showing them off with Uncle Jake...

and Aunt Laura.

Too cute. I really wanted to find some ears for Jonathan on our trip, so I was as excited as he was. Thanks, Jacob and Laura!

There's not much that's cooler in Toon Town than driving Mickey's car.

Just a cute over-the-glasses look.

Fun times with dear friends!

I had previously thought that California Adventure was a park mostly geared toward adults. After this trip, I've changed my mind. Here's part of a huge playground for kids big and small that feels like it's in a redwood forest. I can't remember its name. It included huge (and very high) net rope bridges that bounced. I was too much of a fraidy cat to cross them (no surprise to those of you who know me,) but Jonathan just loved them. I was proud-and happy that I haven't passed my fear of heights on to him yet.

Crossing a little creek with Jacob.

I love this picture of Jonathan watching the carousel. This was his first time on a carousel, and he loved it. Laura and I went on it with him twice while the big guys rode a roller coaster, and Jonathan would have been happy to stay on the carousel for much longer.

Here we are! Jonathan chose a seal both times he rode.

Anywhere Aunt Laura went, Jonathan wanted to go, too.

Great family memories!

On the way out of the parks, Jeff gave Jonathan a sweet surprise: Squirt the sea turtle (from Finding Nemo.) Jonathan has never seen the movie, but he's been fascinated by sea turtles lately. Each time we went into a shop with animals on this trip, he wanted to hug Squirt.

Squirt was an instant success. Here he is getting kisses from Jonathan.

I can't remember the last time Jonathan fell asleep in the stroller-probably not since he was an infant. But after a full day with no nap, he was happily exhausted. We really didn't know how it would go-taking a two-year-old to Disneyland-but it was a fantastic day for all of us. We're so thankful we got to go, and thanks for experiencing all of it with us, Jacob and Laura! Once we got into the car and Jonathan was awake, he was recounting the parts of his day and let us know that we forgot to ride the Monorail. He let us know that we could come back to Disneyland after he's three and ride it. We'll see!

Back's Jonathan, conked out in bed (with a stuffy nose) all snuggled in with Squirt and the other animals that have to sleep near him. Good night!


The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

This is awesome!! I actually let out an alarmingly loud squeal when I saw your Lightning and Mater pictures. I'm so happy you got to have such fun family time!

Love, Ella

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