Family Vacation

Here's the first part of our trip. We camped in the mountains close to the coast the first night and then went to visit Sarah (Mommy's cousin.) We saw her for only a short time, but we got to see where she lived and walk around her college town a little bit. I really like Sarah!

After seeing Sarah, we spent lunchtime and the afternoon with Grandpa's cousins, Ms. Helen and Mr. Ray. We forgot to take pictures! They made us a yummy lunch and let me play with their grandchildren's toys. We had a great visit.

We spent our second night beach camping. I do a great job sleeping in the tent, and we all sleep a little better now that we have a four-person tent instead of a two to three person tent. I am still not very good at being patient while we set up the campsite or cook. I really like the beach, though, and my favorite part of this leg of the trip was...

seeing the elephant seals. They sure make funny noises when they call to each other, and I like to see them get in and out of the water.

I was feeling pretty naughty during the beach portion of our trip. Whether that was due to missing some sleep during travel, being in the car too long, or just being a two-year-old boy, I'm not telling. The great thing is that I used up my naughtiness during the first part of our travels so that we could enjoy the second part even more. I'll post about that soon!

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