Meeting the Mouse, Part 1 (by Mommy)

Here's the next leg of our trip...the part with Jake and Laura. There were so many sweet moments that I had to take over this post and describe them myself.

Here are the boys enjoying the Wii. Just ask Jeff about it, and he'll tell you how great it is and how much he needs one. :)

After all that camping, Jonathan needed a bath...and some love from Aunt Laura.

Laura shared her "hippoponamus" with Jonathan, who was thrilled. You Sandra Boynton fans out there will know that Jonathan loved the hippo because of her book.

It's Disneyland day...and here are Jake and Jonathan taking in a Lego Giraffe at Downtown Disney.

Jake and Laura graciously arranged for us to get into the parks for free, and while we waited for our tickets, Jonathan entertained himself in front of the kennels. They really do have kennels at Disneyland!

Jonathan had been excited to meet Mickey until Jeff mentioned that he might also meet Lightning McQueen and Mater. That knocked Mickey off the top of the list! So, we decided to go meet the Cars characters first.

The characters didn't roll around but did have some pretty loud engine noises, which were a little alarming to Jonathan at first.

Our family with Mater and Lightning McQueen...who might also be a part of our family, as far as Jonathan is concerned!

After a drive at Autopia. Even the wait was exciting for Jonathan as he watched the people driving the little cars. Jonathan and Jeff shared a car, and Jonathan got to steer. Of course, it was a big hit with Jonathan...and the grownups, too!

The gang waiting to ride on the rockets. Jake and Laura shared their amazing hospitality with us-those of you who know them know what I mean-and were just as "into" Jonathan's experience as we were.

Here are Jonathan and Jeff getting ready to ride the rockets. Notice Jonathan's backward hand-it's how he waves. Pretty funny and cute, too. Jonathan loved every ride he got to try.

Here's our family picture on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Jonathan had never been exposed to the Toy Story characters (or a lot of the Disney characters, actually) before this, but he loved the ride and asked to go back and see "the robot" again. All the grownups loved this ride, too!

Here's our visit to Mickey's house in Toon Town. A very cute house with a very long line! Here we are at Pluto's doggie door. (Jonathan calls him "Pludoo.")

Trying out Mickey's chair. Jonathan told us that at Disneyland, he'd see Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, and Funny. Not sure where he got the idea, but he was convinced that Funny was an actual character he'd meet. We never did meet him, though. :)

It took a long time to get through the house to Mickey! Jonathan got tired, and Jeff got to enjoy a rare "rest on Daddy" moment.

Jonathan's "meet Mickey" moment was so magical. He touched Mickey on the nose and said "You're touching Mickey's nose" in an adoring voice. He was completely enamored with Mickey. (Yes, his I/you pronouns are still reversed!)

When our moments with Mickey were over and Jonathan was walking away, Mickey touched Jonathan on the head. Jonathan said,"Mickey touched you on the head. Mickey loves you!" It was so tender.

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