A Very Long Catch-Up Post

As you've noticed, we got behind on the blog. And not just because our computer was having issues. But, we're about to catch up, and soon you'll understand! You might want to get a drink and a snack for yourself, because this post is so long that you might be hungry and thirsty before you finish reading! And, click on any picture to see it bigger.

Last week, Daddy had a business trip. He left Monday before I was awake and got back Friday after I was in bed. It was a very long week without him! Mommy says she owes emails, calls, and hugs to several friends, and she's sorry for getting behind on her friends! Here is a picture of me talking to my dad on the phone. I really missed him.

Also last week, my mom had her Creative Memories open house on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I helped her greet the guests and practiced some of my sound effects on them. Here's what the open house looked like. Special thanks to friends and family who have been helping Mommy with her collection of Christmas dishes and napkins, because she has been using them!

Daddy sent flowers to Mommy since he couldn't help in person. I have a really thoughtful dad!

I thought Mommy's scrapbooking tools were better used building a parking garage.

On Friday, we went to our twice-monthly moms group at church. While the kids play and the grandmas watch us, the moms do something different each week. This time, one of the mommies taught all the other mommies to do flower arrangements in pumpkins. Here's ours. The funny thing is, it was a fake, carve-able pumpkin.

The lid made a great merry-go-round for my tiny little racecars.

Here's how I sleep with my animals these days. They all have to be tucked in, and I keep them that way all night. It's very important.

And, yes, this is me in a dentist's chair. This is the part where you might get hungry and thirsty.

Three weeks ago, I was playing at a new friend's house, and I fell on the patio and cut my lip. There was blood everywhere-just from my lip, though, not from my teeth. Mommy worked hard to comfort me and to get the blood to stop. My friend's mommy gave me my very first lollipop to help me stop crying (and Mommy says it will be a long time before I have another one.) My lip recovered, but the next day, Mommy noticed that each of my top front teeth had a tiny chip in them. She felt terrible about that, but figured the damage was done.

This past Saturday, Mommy noticed that one of those teeth was turning gray. Then she felt REALLY terrible. And it was the weekend, so we had to wait until Monday morning to call a dentist. We did that Monday, and little did I know that the dentist's office could be such a fun place. The waiting area was like a big aquarium with a castle to climb in, and it was painted like the Nemo movie! One of the nice ladies there took x-rays of my teeth, and the nice dentist was very gentle while he looked at my teeth. I got a balloon for being a good helper, and I got to watch the TV in the ceiling.

So, here's the news about my teeth: Not only are they both chipped, but they're both cracked. The non-gray one may have some problems with its root. Mommy has to check them both each week to make sure I don't have an infection. If I do get infections in either one, that may mean a root canal or getting the tooth or teeth pulled. And, the dentist needs to make sure that my baby teeth didn't bump and damage my developing grownup teeth. Did I mention that Mommy feels terrible?

Here's the really bad part. The dentist says that my teeth are so easily bumped due to my overbite. When Mommy was nine and got braces, she had an eight millimeter overbite. Mine is already 12 or 13 mm. Rather than blaming this on the faulty genes that she gave me, Mommy is blaming my overbite on my precious fingers that I love to suck while I sleep. So, she took it upon herself to paint nasty tasting stuff on them before my nap yesterday. Yep, I have to stop sucking my fingers cold-turkey. So far, it hasn't bothered me at night, but it's not helping the quality of my naps. I really do love my fingers.

So, Sam and Graham, I have joined you in the tooth-injury club. The good thing is that I got my pictures taken before my tooth started to turn gray. Mommy really hopes that we don't have to have my baby teeth pulled. I think it might make her cry.

Speaking of pictures, Mommy has sent the link to my portraits to everyone who has emailed or commented, so if she hasn't replied to you yet, she didn't get your email.

Thanks for reading this very, very long post!

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Ava said...

Oh Amy!

Teeth are simply no fun! Ava chipped her front tooth in June on the bathtub! I hope Jonathan is doing okay!

We enjoyed the e-mail you sent! Let's catch up soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Jenny