Favorite Phrase

Mommy and Daddy think this is pretty funny. When they ask me a question with lots of choices-like what song to hear at bedtime or what car to play with-I say, "How about....ummm...let's see." But, they don't know who I learned it from. Do you know who says this more? Mommy? Or Daddy?


Jennie said...

I vote for Mommy being the one who says that more!
Jonathan, are you napping more after a few days without your sweet fingers?

Ginger said...

Gee I seriously don't know....my knee-jerk reaction was to respond with Amy being the one who says that phrase most often, but when I think about it, they really both say it quite a bit........? How about something easier, like, who says "Grandma's crazy!" more often??? (ahem, Me).