We're Back!

This morning at around 1:45, we crawled into our beds after a long trip back from a great visit with our family. Mommy and Daddy and I flew on two airplanes to see Uncle Jamie and Aunt Michelle for Thanksgiving. Grandma and Grandpa got onto our second airplane and flew with us. We had a nice time with our family and also got to see some old friends, since Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jamie live in the town where Mommy and Daddy fell in love and lived after they got married. Mommy was also a teacher there, and Daddy went to graduate school there. Best of all, my relatives helped me celebrate my birthday a little bit early, just like they did two years ago.

We'll try to catch up on showing off all those pictures in the next few days. Today, I am just so happy to see my toys, it's hard to explain. We had breakfast and lunch at a funny time today since we're not sure what time zone we're in. For those of you who are wondering, I did well flying last night, for the most part, although it was after my bedtime. As we were back in our state and waiting to get on the bus to take us to our car, I asked Mommy and Daddy if we could fly on another airplane. They were not amused! Or maybe I should say, they were amused, but not enough to let me get on another plane. Oh, well...it was still a great trip.

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