Candy Land

Now that I'm old enough to play games, I got to try out another one with Mommy and Daddy:  Candy Land.  It's as fun as Chutes and Ladders!  Thanks to Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne for this new game.  It has cards instead of a spinner and gingerbread guys instead of kids.  I won the game on my first try (and Mommy and Daddy really didn't "let" me win.)  Mommy and Daddy are finding that the attention span of this barely-three-year-old is about a game and a half.  Games are great fun.  Little buddies, you can come over to my house and play games with me anytime!


The Growing VM Family said...

I want to play Candy Land with you! You should try Memory-- that's my favorite game right now. My mom and dad make it perfect for me by using just 5-10 of the pairs.

Love, Ella

Katie said...

Hi Jonathan!
I love games too! Candy Land is my favorite - I really love to get the cards with the people on them. It makes me think I won no matter where I am at on the board. Have you played Memory yet? I love that one too.
I hope I get to play games with you sometime!