Playgroup at Ms. Jetta's

Yipee! We got to go to playgroup this week at Ms. Jetta's with Ms. Jen and Ms. Amy and nine out of ten of us kids (Thea was at school.) These ladies and their kids were our first friends in Escalon and continue to be wonderful. ("They're a huge blessing," Mommy says.)  This was one of our best playgroups.  We are all getting old enough to play independently and happily, for the most part.  The first time we went to Ms. Jetta's, Jared and Ella were still young enough that the mommies blocked off the stairs.  This time, we all got to go upstairs and jump on the beds.  (Ms. Jetta allows that at her house, yay!)  And the mommies really got to chat.  A fun time was had by all!

Here are those of us old enough to eat raisins:  Jared, me, Helia, Annelies, Ella, and Kirsi.

Kirsi and Helia in the cool caterpillar crawl tube.

Here's baby Delia...she got to play with babies Cora and Peter (although they mostly napped.)

I was hoping for boy toys...not to worry, there was a fun Thomas to crawl into.  I got in on the action, too.

Room for everyone!

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