From Emily's Grandma

Here's part of a note from Emily's grandma about how she's doing.  We'll share more news as it comes.

"The doctors are thinking it is Kawasaki Disease but a definite diagnosis has yet to be made. However, all of her symptoms indicate that it is this disease and they have started treatment accordingly. There is no known etiology of the disease. They treat the presenting symptoms of which Emily has all (fever of greater than 5 days, skin rash, irratibility, red eyes, red lips). The treatment is with IV gamma globulin (which they gave her yesterday) - apparently it is a one time infusion over 10 hours. The purpose is to boost her immune system to fight off the disease. The other form of treatment in aspirin. The aspirin is used as a blood thinner to protect her from developing blood clots. This disease has the potential to cause the arteries of the heart to develop anuerysms which increases the risk of blood clots. Daily echocardiograms of the heart are performed to identify and tract cardiac involvement. The echo done yesterday was suggestive of some cardiac involvement, however, the pediatric cardiologist said that the echo that was done did not provide him with enough information. So, I am certain another echo will be done today. "

Thanks to everyone for your prayers for baby Emily, and we hope you'll keep praying.  Updates are now available on her website, so we'll watch for updates there and hope you will, too.

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