Last Week

Last week, we got to see Uncle Jake and Aunt Laura. They were having a meeting about their movie, and we got to watch a little of it. It's fantastic, and we're really excited for them.  We met at a place that was really fun for kids!  And the dinner was so yummy.  I think I had about seven helpings of pasta.  Since I did a great job being quiet during dinner while Uncle Jake talked about the movie, I got to play games with Daddy afterwards.  I also enjoyed lots of attention from the ladies:  Aunt Laura, Ms. Jenny, and our new friend, Ms. Nikki.

Here I am with Ms. Nikki.

Any friend of Aunt Laura's is a friend of mine.

I love Aunt Laura!

My first Ski Ball experience

And my first Lucky Ducky experience

And my first racecar video game experience.  All the games at this place were for kids 12 and under.  Mommy says I'm ruined forever-now I know that quarters go into these machines and make fun times.  Daddy said he hadn't thought of that.  We had a great time, though.  Thanks for inviting us, Uncle Jake and Aunt Laura!

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