Potty Training

I guess it's about time to mention that I don't wear diapers anymore.  A week and a half ago, I gave up diapers for good.  We had a couple of false starts with potty training when I was two and thought I was excited to use the potty, but after a couple of days, it was pretty obvious that I wasn't ready yet.  This time I was ready.  Mommy read a book from Graham's mommy, cleared the calendar for a few days starting on Jan. 2, and all we did was work on using the potty.  And I do mean ALL we did.  In this picture, I'm watching a potty video with Andrew, who I taught to use the potty.  He sure did have a lot of accidents.  I had a few of my own, too.  But I'm mostly done with accidents now.  (And I had to add that the library has a lot of good potty books and videos!)  Anyway, I'm happy to be a big boy and I'm pretty proud of myself!

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Caleb & Owen said...

Wow - Great job! We are all very proud of you. Also, please tell your mommy that my mommy really likes your christmas photo. When I saw it I said, "I want to go play with Jonathan!" We miss you all.

Love, Caleb Boucher