It snowed at Ava's house and Jamey's house today.  That means there's snow at a whole lot of my little buddies' houses.

It doesn't snow here.  Not to be ungrateful to my mom and dad, but don't you think they should have asked for snow before they chose our new house?  Maybe they forgot.

Instead of snow, we're about to have spring.  It's cold and yucky today, but not for long.  Mommy and Ms. Jen were just talking about how February is a great time for visitors to come to our part of the world.  Spring begins gradually, but it's really pretty.  We saw some narcissus blooming by the side of the road today.

So, little buddies, if you get tired of all that wonderful snow, you can come to visit me.  There isn't any here!


Katie said...

Hi Jonathan,

If you want to play in the snow, you can come to my house! We got 5 more inches in the night, and we're supposed to get 5 more today! (What are inches?) It's very fun to play in the snow. Mommy said she wishes we lived were you live so it would be warm soon. Mommy's are silly.

Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

So...if you want, you can switch places with my Mom. She won't stop talking about the "lovely Februaries of her youth", and it sounds like you miss snow. You two should just switch places! Plus, with all the mommies in another town, you and I could play in the snow all day and skip our naps! And I found the cookies Mom keeps hidden from me, so we'd be good in the snacking department.

Let me know what you decide. I'll need a little notice so I can find someone to drive me to the airport to pick you up.

Love, Jamey