Goodbye to Toto

"Toto is a little bit sad because he has to go away from our other car."  Today, we said "goodbye" to our loyal car, Toto.  Mommy and Daddy bought Toto the first fall they were married after Toto had been rescued from a tornado.  Toto carried Mommy and Daddy to both coasts and back before I was even born.  He took Mommy to her job at the middle school every day.  He drove me home from the hospital when I was a brand-new baby.  And, he drove us lots and lots of places after I was born.  We put about 130,000 miles on Toto, and he was a good car.  Now he's helping another family.  Goodbye, Toto!  You were a good car, and we'll miss you!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Yay Saturns! What an awesome breed of car. Ours has journied with us for a hundred thousand miles too.