Catching Up on Christmas Pictures-Part 2

This is where I go to play in the nursery at church.
We go to a church that has "fellowship" on Sundays.  That means that everybody goes to eat and talk after the service is over.  Here's where the kids eat and talk.  Sometimes there's not room for all of us.  This time, I'm sitting to the left of Miriam, one of my favorite big kids in the world.

Here I am at a Christmas gathering eating a gingerbread man with Natalie.  Neither of us eat many cookies, so this is serious business.

Here is Ms. Linnea handing a gift to Natalie.  Natalie and I passed out all the gifts.

Here's Great Grandma gathering her stack of gifts that I'm bringing to her.

Here you go, Great Grandma!  

Here is our family going down the stairs on Christmas morning.

Let's find out what's in this stocking.

Now let's open this gift from Sam and his family.  (It was Mater PJs and Lightning McQueen silverware!)

Here's our crew having brunch at Grandma's later on Christmas morning:  Daddy, Mr. Sean, Uncle Todd, Aunt Corinne, Grandpa Don, Grandma, me, and Aunt Amanda.  Mommy was in her usual spot in this picture.

Here's a picture of us before my funny exclamation...

and afterwards.  We can't print what I said here because this is a blog for children.  Let's just say I was repeating Uncle Todd's words.

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