More OKC Pictures

Here we are after Daddy ran the half-marathon in Oklahoma City. I'm not sure why he only ran halfway, because he usually runs the whole marathon. But, Mommy says that we are really proud of him and that he's getting really fast. Mommy took this picture of Daddy and me together. Daddy even let me wear his big yellow necklace that he got for running the race.

After the race, we walked over to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It was beautiful, but it made Mommy and Daddy very quiet and sad. Something terrible happened there that I don't understand. Maybe they'll explain it to me when I am big.

Here is Daddy taking a rest. Running made him really tired.

Lou gave me a real dog, and I love him so much! I give him hugs all the time, and now he even lives in my room. I know that this dog is real because he barks!

Lionel let Daddy and me drive his tractor. We drove and drove and drove...maybe my dad will get me one of these when I turn two.

Here we are: Daddy, me, Mommy, Lou, and Lionel. Thanks for letting me run around and make myself at home!

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