Family Saturday

On Saturday, my dad had the whole day off, which is rare for his busy season.  So, we decided to get out of town for the day and have some adventures!  We even put on pants, jackets, and tennis shoes.   I hadn't worn regular shoes in such a long time that I didn't realize mine were too small.  I got to wear new ones in a bigger size that had been waiting in my closet.

We started out our day in the City.  Here I am watching the sea lions.

And here are the sea lions talking to each other.

I got to ride an old, mostly-broken merry-go-round.  I used to say "mer-gy-o-round," but I say it the regular way now.

Mommy and I had a fun ride!

I loved watching the waves.

We saw a juggler perform, and Mommy and Daddy had some clam chowder in breadbowls.  I had grilled cheese on sourdough bread.

Here I am enjoying modern art, which I call "the curly-twirly."  My favorite part of the City was seeing the trolleys.  I don't mean cable cars, I mean trolley cars like this.

After the city, we went to the beach but forgot our camera in the car.  We were some of the only people wearing pants and shoes, but we didn't mind.  The beach was crowded but the waves were beautiful.

Finally, we went to see some big trees.  It was very shady in the forest.

I'm looking for fish.

I climbed inside this tree...

and this one.

I love trees.

After all this adventuring, we were really hungry for dinner.  We stopped at a Whole Foods on the way home, since we had never been to one before.  They have a place in their grocery store where you can buy food that's ready to eat, so we decided to do that.  You know how I love pasta, so Mommy and I decided to share a little container of macaroni and cheese.  It looked delicious.  The nice man gave it to us, and Mommy was shocked to see that the tag on the container said $13.99.  Yes, we had to pay $13.99 for macaroni and cheese.  My poor mom nearly fell over.  We ended up paying the price of a nice meal for our grocery store food.  Mommy and Daddy learned all about Whole Foods, didn't they?  Our food was really delicious, though!  We had a great day as a family, and we sure were happy that Daddy had the day off.  

I have been asking Daddy almost every morning, "Would you like to stay home with us all day long, Daddy?"  And even though we weren't at home, we got to see Daddy all day.  It was great.

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