In the Mountains

Here are some pictures of our time in the mountains with Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy. Ooops, we didn't mean for the pictures to turn out so big, but Mommy doesn't want to go back and redo them please bear with us.

We had a great time sleeping in the comfy beds in the comfy cabin.  One night, Daddy and I pitched a tent way back behind the cabin because we had originally planned to camp.  (Mommy was not in the mood to camp, but I am not sure why.)  I had a great time sleeping in the tent with my dad.

Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy's cabin has a swinging front door and a swinging back door, so I spent a lot of time making a loop in and out of their cabin and wearing a path on the loop.  I also spent a lot of time shadowing and chatting with my aunt and uncle.  It was great.  I also ate the best hamburger ever-probably the only one I have ever finished and asked for more.  Uncle Garth cooked it.

We visited the little lake near the cabin.  Isn't this a neat little boat?  I didn't get to try it out.

Climbing out!

I suggested that we go on a boat.  Luckily, my dad has a soft heart for little boys and rented a paddle boat for our family.

I loved boating!  I think this was my first time on a boat.

After our night in the tent, I came inside and felt a little chilly.  Here are Daddy and I warming up.

This looks like a huge hike, but really we're just a little ways into the rocks and didn't go any farther.  Pretty amazing, huh?

I like rocks.

And I like water.  I love throwing rocks into the water, but people were fly fishing and Daddy said we shouldn't disturb them.

Here's a little friend we made on our hike.  I had a great time at the cabin in the mountains, and I was really upset that we had to leave.  I wanted to stay!  Thanks for having us, Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy!

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