Last Day of Summer

Last week, I had the last day of my summer. In our old town, the last day of summer was the day the pool closed. In our new town, we think that the last day of summer is the last day of swimming lessons. That was Friday. Even though it's only the beginning of August, school is about to start here!  (But not for me-I have two whole years before school starts.)

We thought you might like to see some more swimming lesson pictures.  I've come a long way!  At the beginning of the summer, I got upset when I got water in my eyes.  Not now!  I did two sessions of level one lessons, and this was my first session of level two.  I'll do level two again next summer.  In this class, I met a new friend, a five-year-old girl who I call the New Ella.  (Don't worry, she doesn't replace the Old Ella!)  I thought I was pretty hot stuff to be in a class with a big girl who's starting kindergarten.  And, she's really funny.
Here we are walking to the pool.

Sometimes we like to walk on tiptoes.

Here I am jumping in.  I can go all the way under now!


And here's Ella jumping...

and landing.

Here we are playing the motorboat game.  We also did lots of floating, kicking, arms, and breathing.  It was very tricky, so I'm going to practice more when I'm four.  I had a great summer doing swimming lessons!

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The VM Family said...

I'm glad you posted this. It's good to scope out the Ella compition! :)

Ha Ha,
Ella (the original!)