Twelve-Cent Fish

One thing I didn't tell you about my fish that I won at the carnival is that when it came time to name them, I told Mommy that they should be named Little Fishy and Little Fishy.  Mommy convinced me to choose a different name for my second fish, which is how it came to be named Fish Fish.  And we all know what happened to Little Fishy.

I spent some time being sad that Little Fishy was dead, and then I realized that Fish Fish was lonely and needed a new friend.  I asked Mommy and Daddy about it, and they agreed.  So, today, we went to the pet store.  Daddy kept thinking I needed all kinds of other things for Fish Fish, from a snake to an armadillo.  I insisted that I just needed a fish.  Then he suggested a Nemo fish, and I told him I only wanted a regular fish.  Mommy was relieved.

When we got to the store, I went straight to the tank with goldfish and asked for a little gray one.  The nice man got it out and put it in a bag for me.  Mommy and Daddy thought I should name the new fish friend.  Of course, I thought it should be named Fish Fish, just like its friend.  My parents persuaded me to choose a different name, so I chose Fish Fish Fish.

The two fish friends seem very happy together.  Fish Fish Fish (the gray one at the top of the tank, below) is more interested in eating than Little Fishy was, so I hope he'll be healthy and live for a long time.

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