A Pink Kitchen?

When Mommy and I go to Target, we usually walk through the toy section.  Lately, my favorite thing has been giving hugs to Schleich animals.  This week, we noticed that Target is already putting out extra toys for Christmas.  Amazing.  Unfortunately, where my blue wooden play kitchen was last year, there's a pink one in its place!  It's a nice kitchen and everything, but as you know, there are probably no little boys in the world who will get that kitchen for Christmas.  Grandparents are kitchen-givers, I think, and I can't think of any grandparents who would give a pink kitchen to a boy.  Sorry, little buddies, kitchens are just for girls this year!  You can come to my house and cook in my blue kitchen.


Cynthia said...

I was so sad to see only a pink kitchen at Target last week! Austin is obsessed with kitchens and is asking for one. I guess his grandparents will have to buy him one somewhere else too! :-(

rissaroe said...

That's too bad! I was thinking about getting the blue one for max and maggie to share this christmas. Hmmmm.... I really liked that blue one!!