Baby Update

This morning, I went to Ella's house to play while Mommy went to the doctor's office.  I think I had more fun than Mommy did, but she still seemed happy.  The doctor (actually the midwife) listened to the baby's heart and thought that the slow (but healthy) heartbeat meant that the baby is a boy.  Mommy and Daddy aren't going to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl, so anybody can guess about it as much as they want.  Everything seems to be fine, and Mommy found out she might be feeling kicks and flips in a couple of weeks or so.  Pretty neat!  Mommy will have another appointment in four weeks and then an ultrasound two weeks after that.  We're so thankful for a good report today!  And I'm really thankful for a fun time at Ella's house.


rissaroe said...

Yea! Glad for the good report on the little bamino/bambina. :-)

Red said...

Whoa...that'll be weird. You were in the deep south last time you went pregs mcgee on us, now I get to witness it firsthand!! Weird!!!!!