Our weekend

It's a little late, and we don't have any pictures to share, but our weekend was so full of fun things, I want to tell you about it!

On Friday night, we had some of our family over for dinner.  We always tell lots of stories and laugh a lot.  

Then on Saturday, Daddy and I ran errands while Mommy visited Great Grandma at her antiques sale and then had breakfast with her longtime friend, Ms. Sarah.  I know Ms. Sarah and Mommy missed having all the little boys around, but they seemed to survive pretty well!  After our separate mornings, we got into the car as a family and drove to the City.  Mommy and Daddy were planning to visit our friends, Ms. Paola and Mr. Charlie, and I was planning to play with our friends, Sophia and Antonia.  Even though Sophia was once so tiny that Mommy got to hold her on the day she was born, she's starting kindergarten this year.  We spent some time as families, and then the grownups left for the Giants game while we kids played, had dinner, took a bath, and went to bed.  We had a fun time!  (And we did have a babysitter that we loved.)   The grownups say that they had a fun time, too.  They celebrated Mr. Charlie's birthday at the game in a box (which I hear is not a real box, but a special room) and watched the Giants win.  

After we all shared breakfast together the next morning, we took the long drive back home for church.  We got to spend time with more family at church and then at lunch.  After a nap, we went to church again for a fall potluck.  Potlucks are mostly exciting to grownups but not kids.  This time, though, our church had two bouncy houses and a long, long ramp for racing lots of Hot Wheels.  I'm sure you can guess where I spent most of my time.  And even though it was called a fall potluck, the kids were mostly outside and barefoot, eating snowcones in the warm, summery weather.

All around, it was a great weekend.  Maybe next time we have a great weekend we'll take pictures!

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The VM Family said...

What?! No pictures? I thought your mom's camera was attached to her...like a hand, or a foot or a nose! :)

Glad you had such a fun weekend anyway, pictures or no pictures.