A Good Morning with a Good Buddy

My good buddy, Ella, came over to play today. She brought Ms. Jen and Delia, too. She's in preschool now, so we have to plan our playtime carefully. We haven't had our friends over in awhile, and that's because Mommy says the second half of the summer passed by in a blur.  I'm glad the blur is over!  Some of our faraway friends are experiencing fall. Our days are getting shorter, but it will be awhile before we have fall-ish weather. That's okay...more time to play outside with Ella!

We also spent our time outside in the sandbox and riding my tricycle and driving my car.

Bet you didn't know that Chico could fit two riders.

Ella and Delia like to dress up.  All my dress-up options fit easily in my backpack, but we found enough headwear to share.

I practiced sharing with Delia even though I wanted this necklace for myself.  Delia is running around now and practicing talking.

Ella and I had a couple of classic quotes that amused the mommies.  Mine was that I requested some time alone.  "May I please be alone," I told Mommy.  And I asked that everyone leave the room.  After Mommy got her point across that I'd have to go to my room to be alone but to remember this was a special time with our friends, Ella followed me and said, "I want to be alone with you!"  I guess it's already obvious which of us is the introvert and which is the extravert.

Anyway, we were happy to have a fun visit from our friends.  Let's do it again soon!

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The VM Family said...

Thanks for the fun morning and this cute blog about it.

My mom was too addicted to Facebook to write a post yesterday!

Love, Ella