A Fun Day!

This week has been filled with a lot of running around, and although it's been fun, I was very excited to mostly stay home today.

I decided to give Mickey a ride in my baby swing.  Mommy thinks that getting the baby gear out now will help it to be less interesting to me when our baby is using it.  Whatever her reason, it's pretty fun stuff!

I also got to paint some pictures while keeping my Trader Joe's balloon on.  Mommy worries about my fine motor skills sometimes.  I don't like to write yet, but I do like to paint.  And I figured out how to buckle my own sandals yesterday, so I think I'm doing fine.

We did go one place today:  to Grandpa's office to get adjusted and talk about old cars.  I sure do like talking cars with Grandpa.  After we got home, we got out my tent, tunnel, and clubhouse.  It was a huge treat to have them all out at the same time.  Do you remember when I got them?

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