So I Don't Keep Forgetting...

I should tell you about the weekend we had two weekends ago. While Daddy was doing this...

Mommy and I were staying busy, too.  It was a Saturday.  While Daddy hiked, we ran some errands with Aunt Amanda.  Then, instead of my nap, we went to my friend Emma's 3rd birthday party.  I don't think I had ever gotten to skip a nap for a party before, but we decided to give it a try to see how it went.  It went great!

Emma had a My Little Pony party.  When we got there, she had a bouncy house in her yard!  And since there were no big kids in there, I had a great time jumping.  Later, much to my surprise, a real pony came to the party!  While the other kids played, I watched the pony get out of its trailer and come to see us kids.  I was so excited to see that pony.  Even though most of the party guests were three and under, we waited in line so patiently for our turn, and I got to ride the pony twice.  (Since Daddy hiked with the camera, we'll just use our imaginations to picture it.)  I loved it.  The ride around the yard was kind of bouncy!

Emma also had a pony-shaped pinata at her party.  All the kids got to take a whack at it, and I showed everyone how left-handed I really am.  When the pinata broke open and candy went everywhere, I went over to the pile of candy (and the pile of kids) and chose one brown, rectangle candy.  "How about this one," I told Mommy.  "That's a good one, but it's OK if you go get more, Jonathan!"  Mommy told me.  So, I went to choose three more.  Mommy and I shared one delicious brown candy and saved the rest for later.

I sure had a fun time at Emma's party.  On the way home from the party, we stopped at an old car show and got to sit on the sidewalk and watch lots of old cars drive away for a cruise.  I sure do love old cars!

You might think that this is the end of the post, but there's more!  On Sunday, Daddy was back, and after church, we went to baby Emily's first birthday party.  She had a ladybug party, and I sure do love ladybugs.  We got to make ladybug visors with antennae (although a certain relative of mine called them antlers, and I still call them ears.)  There were ladybug things everywhere:  cookies, balloons, red tablecloths with black plates, and even the birthday girl and her cousin, Natalie, were wearing ladybug outfits.  Emily had a water table in her backyard and I spent most of the party playing there.

Emily threw a really wonderful party and sent me home with ladybug party favors and balloons.  She got some great gifts that she'll enjoy for a long time, even a ladybug sandbox.

Thank you to all my little friends for including me in your birthday parties and helping me to have a fun, sweet weekend!

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