Now that I'm big, I don't hit as many milestones as I did as a baby, but this one is worth mentioning.

Mommy and I have both been overdue for haircuts for awhile.  Today, we went to visit Ms. Olivia to take care of that problem.  And we visited her alone.  First, Mommy got her hair cut.  While Ms. Olivia took care of Mommy, I sat in the next chair and ate crackers, looked at books, and-best of all-drove Ms. Olivia's toy Hummer.  I didn't cause any trouble.  Next was my turn.  I tolerated my haircut very well, as usual, and Mommy is happy to see my face again.  (My hair had gotten really long!)  Mommy was thrilled to learn that we can do this haircutting chore without having to ask anyone for help.  I'm big now, and I can sit still by myself.

After our haircuts, we went to a grocery store to pick out some soup and a sandwich to share for some special Mommy Jonathan time.  It's good to be big!

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