Moving Past "I Don't Know:" From Mommy

Hi to all-here's a little note from me!  Jonathan and I have been back to BSF for two or three weeks now, and Jeff is going to the men's Bible study this year, too.  Jonathan is excited to be in the "big kids class" both at BSF and at MOPS.  Last year I took him to these kid activities (and a few others) because we knew he needed all that time with other kids (and I needed the time with adults, too.)  This year, I still take him because he needs the time with other kids, but he really seems to be loving the interaction, which I'm so happy about.  There's a big difference between being two and being three!

Another big change this year is how much he can tell me about what went on or the stories he heard when we were apart.  Last year, I had to ask him the simplest questions to learn just about anything about his time.  If I asked him about the Bible story, the most detail I'd hear from him was that it was about John the Baptist or baby Jesus.  (And he answered "John the Baptist" almost every week, although I'm certain they didn't talk about John the Baptist every week.)  If I asked him about just about anything, especially about who was there, he'd answer, "I don't know."  But, After MOPS this week, he told me the story of Joseph's brothers throwing Joseph into a well but that Joseph shared food with his brothers in Egypt.  And after BSF, he told me about baby Moses' mommy putting Moses into a basket in the river, and that the princess took Moses out of the water so that he could live in Pharaoh's palace and the princess would be his new mommy  (and there were several other sweet details he included, too.)  He's been telling me more about the things the kids do and who the kids are, too.

It's really fun to see a little deeper into Jonathan's world.  I really thought he'd be 12 or 13 before the typical answer to every question would be "I don't know," so I'm happy we've left that answer behind for awhile!

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