Morning with Baby Andrew

Baby Andrew got to visit this morning without his mom and dad.  I was a good sharer and let him play in my room with my vehicles.

I even took turns.

We put my old doorway gate in front of my bedroom door and brought some toys in there to play with.  Mommy and I thought that would be easier than worrying about our ungated stairs and other things Andrew wasn't used to.
Andrew was a very happy guy and we had a lot of fun playing with him...

Even though he invaded my personal space sometimes.  Mommy says he was showing me love.

After he took a nap and went home, I asked Mommy if we could keep Andrew.  Of course we couldn't, but Mommy reminded me how happy she and Daddy are that they get to keep me as their boy all the time!  I'm glad I get to stay here and don't have to go home somewhere else.

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