A Big Post

My faraway grandparents are coming to visit! Since I probably will be too busy to post a lot during their visit, here's a big, big post that will last for awhile.

Here I am climbing trees with my dad because my mom's meeting at church ran longer than we thought it should.

And this is the big, big, cheesy smile I gave to my dad to tell him, "Thank you!"

Here I am standing on my bed to watch the tree service truck across the street...and hoping it would chop down a tree or something.

Here I am watching Fish Fish and Fish Fish Fish eat breakfast.  They're still living in their dollar-store vase, I mean fishbowl.

And here's the best part of my post.  Mommy and I ran lots of errands today, and I wanted to go into the shoe store.  We decided to have my feet measured.  I wear an 11 1/2 now!  It's amazing how much my feet can grow between the beginning of sandal season and the end of sandal season.  These Lightning McQueen shoes have been hanging around PayLess for months and months, and as you know, my parents don't really do character shoes.  And they also rarely buy me anything when I'm at a store with them.  However, Mommy realized that I can't live in Saltwater Sandals all winter and I'd need something to slip on and off quickly for gymnastics.  So she decided to get these for me.  Possibly because they were on clearance for $5.

So, little buddies, this post comes with some advice:  If you have a hard time getting your mom to let you wear your favorite car, now is the time to wear her down...especially since it will only cost her $5 to make you very happy!


Emma Claire said...

Jonathan, you look so big in that tree!!! I can't believe it!! Have fun with your grandparents.
Caroline and Emma Claire

Caleb and Owen said...

Those are the best shoes. I have the same pair and trust me, they help me run really really fast. Come on over and our cars can race some time!